author photo
Photography by Adam P. Jankiewicz
Agnieszka Ann Jankiewicz (A.A. Jankiewicz, but known to most as Agnes) was born in the midst of one of the biggest blizzards of the year on February 12th, 1988. Even in her earliest years, she loved telling stories in any medium she could get her hands on. As a young girl, she was heavily influenced by her father’s love of medieval history, Greek mythology and science fiction. Spending many summers in Poland visiting her grandmother, she was further enamoured with legends of castles, dragons and the Polish countryside filled with vast forests and limestone mountains.

Her childhood was spent in Scarborough, and it was there that the first iterations of ‘Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds’ can be traced, as stories she began telling friends. It was a time filled with pipe cleaner knights and clay soldiers, a preferred method of playing for Agnes, who was constantly at work creating and imagining.

In high school, Agnes became interested in filmmaking, digital graphics and theatre, but never lost sight of what all of those forms were meant to do, tell a story. She graduated from York University in 2011 with an honours major in Film Theory, Historiography and Criticism. It was there that she made an award-winning short film, Silent, but more importantly, began penning what would become the final version of Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds, her first novel. Work on it continued as she enrolled at Durham College for the Contemporary Media Production program, which she graduated from in the spring of 2015, with the multimedia launch of her novel serving as her thesis project. Her second novel, ‘Q-16 and the Lord of the Unfinished Tower’ was launched at Ad Astra 2017 and her third novel ‘Q-16 and the Fury of Korangar’ launched at Ad Astra 2019.

She works as a graphic designer and is writing the fourth novel in the Q-16 series.