Book Review – Rebels Rein by MJ Moores


Rebels Rein is the third instalment of The Xannia Chronicles written by MJ Moores. The novel takes its readers 22 years back into the past before the events of the two previous books and as such can be read as a prequel (though I should note here you need to read it before the final book Forgotten Fallacy). The plot revolves around a band of resistance fighters who are exiled to sea on board a museum replica model ship and the trials, which ensue as they try to find a land that is alluded to in an ancient sea explorer’s journals.

Out of all the novels in the series thus far, I would say that this is my favourite up to date. I felt like I was able to connect easily to both the protagonists in the book, Daria and Satie whose arc’s explored issues such as loss, addiction and faith. No holes were left in the plot by the end that had been unresolved and there wasn’t a slow moment to be found.