Book Review – The Clockman and Other Stories by Eric Lahti


Since I have the digital copy here's an image of the awesome cover art.

Since I have the digital copy here’s an image of the awesome cover art.

Growing up, I was never much of a short story anthology reader and this was due to always stumbling upon full length novels I wanted to read.  As such, my experience with them has been limited but not to say nonexistent. Most times I’ve just never been able to get into an anthology which has made me quite cautious of picking one up. In this case, my mind has been changed because after discovering the crafted (or perhaps to throw in a pun and say coded) world of Eric Lahti, I’ve been blown away. Magic and mayhem as promised and also a little hint of the detective/film noir vibe as one reads.

I was a little worried going in since I knew the short stories were tied to Eric’s main series “Henchmen” but these worries were soon dispelled as I continued reading. While each story stood alone, it was part of a greater mythology which the more I read, the more I began to understand and the more intrigued I became. I can therefore recommend as someone who has not read any of the other material in the series that this anthology is a great starting point.