Book Review – The Experiencers by Val Tobin


The Experiencers book cover

My copy I picked up at the event along with the sequel.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to participate in WCYR’s first annual Bookshelf event. It was there that I had a chance to pick up a copy of The Experiencers by Val Tobin.

The story follows Michael Valiant, an assassin from a secret organization that covers up alien abduction groups among other things and Carolyn Fairchild, an abductee that is gifted with psychic abilities. The two are thrown into a series of events that leads them to team up against the very organization Michael once served.

The short length of the chapters in this novel, combined with a fast pace of storytelling to match the action happening made this a very fun and light read, much in the way Dan Brown’s book have short chapters but a lot goes down. What I found even more enjoyable however where the characters themselves. One could tell a lot of research went into making each individual unique and the author managed to breathe a life of their own into them. I was particularly fascinated by Carolyn’s background in Reiki as it is something I’ve learned about recently in real life and it was neat to see that featured in a story.

Overall I really enjoyed The Experiencers and I highly recommend it to fans of sci-fi, action and the paranormal.