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Hey everyone. It’s been a busy week for me with the start of a new day job and the anticipated release of Q-16 and the Fury of Korangar.

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Brave New Girls: Tales of Heroines Who Hack


Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce my short story Impossible Odds will be included in Brave New Girls: Tales of Heroines Who Hack.

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Water anthology


I had the opportunity to meet Nina Munteanu while at Limestone Genre Expo in Kingston where we talked about Alternate History (and a certain high school assignment I did), why Science Fiction is easier to write in short story form than Fantasy and a host of other topics. She also mentioned this anthology to me which right after I set out to find an idea for. Months later, it’s great to be able to finally share it, Water,  and I can’t wait to read the other short stories!

Short Story Entry Announcement – Brave New Girls Stories of Girls Who Science and Scheme


So remember that short I was writing way back when in December and said I couldn’t say much about it?

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2016 Summer Indie Book Award



Hey guys!

As I prepare for a weekend of Fan Expo I did want to remind everyone here that Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds has been nominated for the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Young Adult categories.

Voting begins tomorrow, September 1 and goes until September 11th.

The links for each category are as follows;


Science Fiction

Young Adult

I’d really appreciate your support in this. Please don’t forget to tell your family and friends as well.