CONVENTION ALERT! A wild author (myself) will be at Fan Expo in Toronto happening August 31st to September 3rd. I will be located as in previous years in the Artists Alley at booth A424 GTA Indie Fantasy with fellow author Brandon Draga and artist Deanna Laver. I also heard rumours there will be a Puc Thanestorm roaming around the convention. So drop by to say hi. We don’t bite but the table Tribble might!

CONVENTION ALERT! – Limestone Genre Expo

Convention alert! I will be at the Limestone Genre Expo happening on June 3rd and 4th.

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Post Con Thoughts – Ad Astra 2017

I survived! Well, I suppose I did more than that, since there is now not one but two novels in the Q-16 series.

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Ad Astra 2017 Schedule Is Here!

Hi Guys!

I’m in full prep mode right now with just days away from Ad Astra which is proving to be much crazier with the anticipated launch of Q-16 and the Lord of the Unfinished Tower.

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Q-16 and the Lord of the Unfinished Tower – Book Launch

A bit late with posting this on the website since I’ve been in the midst of preparations (books printing, organization and such) but nonetheless here it is.

I am pleased to announce that I will be launching Q-16 and the Lord of the Unfinished Tower at Ad Astra this year. The launch will be held on Saturday May 6th from 12- 2pm. There will be a reading, Q&A as well as a raffle. There will also be refreshments provided by Galaxy Teas. Admitance to Ad Astra is free from 11-1pm. If you plan to stay longer at the convention past this time, a pass will need to be purchased.

Short Story Entry Announcement – Brave New Girls Stories of Girls Who Science and Scheme

So remember that short I was writing way back when in December and said I couldn’t say much about it?

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Post Genrecon Thoughts

I had a blast this weekend at Genrecon. It was my first time attending with the WCYR, which gave me a chance to get to know my fellow members a little bit better and to geek out over writing.

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Genrecon 2017

Hey guys! I will be attending Genrecon in Guelph from from February 3rd to 5th as part of the Writers Community of York Region. Swing by to say hello. I’m also rumoured to be doing some panels while there but more on that once I actually know a bit more myself. In the meantime, back to prep!

On the Fall of Legends and 2016

I’m writing this as I hastily get ready to attend a New Year’s party so, you’ll need to forgive me if there are any grammatical errors. For those who know I literally just finished my second round (and the third round over all with Anthony’s input) of edits to Q-16 and the Lord of the Unfinished Tower. I felt I needed to say something regarding the things that I learned this year and the lessons I hope all of us will carry forward into 2017.

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Bookapalooza 2016 – The Writers’ Community of Durham Region Massive Book Launch & Sale

For anyone looking to give the gift of reading, I will be attending Bookapalooza 2016 on Saturday November 19th at The Durham College, Centre For Food/Bistro 67, located at 1604 Champlain Avenue in Whitby. Admission is free so if you have some time feel free to stop by and say hi.

More info on the event can be found on their website here.