Post Con Thoughts – Ad Astra 2019


I’ve had a good solid week to allow the dust to settle from Ad Astra (well somewhat) and I have to say that this year’s event has again left me stunned. I know I always say that it comes as a shock to me when people come up to buy Q-16 and the Lord of the Unfinished Tower and I think after two years that feeling will never change. I found it even more surprising when people came up asking for Q-16 and the Fury of Korangar, having finish both previous books. I suppose this is the point where I can officially say that maybe, just maybe I am doing something right with this writing thing.

For those who don’t know, Ad Astra marked the launch of the third Q-16 novel, Q-16 and the Fury of Korangar. Myself and fellow author Lisa Toohey hosted a double launch party on Saturday night for both Fury of Korangar and the fourth volume from the Brave New Girls anthologies entitled Brave New Girls: Adventures of Gals and Gizmos. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that another part of Annetta and Jason’s journey is out there in the world. With this, I also know their story is coming to an end in two more books and while this aspect of it makes me sad, I know there are other worlds than these to explore in the Aternaverse.

Ad Astra itself left me with a renewed sense of purpose in my writing, from the many panels I attended, to catching up with old friends as well as making new ones along the way. For years, I didn’t know about the fact that a writing community existed in Ontario and as one of the few teenagers in class who had an interest in writing, I was normally left alone in this respect. The same can be said for the science fiction and fantasy I read growing up and in a way, Annetta and Jason’s story stems from that lack of Canadian fantasy and science fiction in my life.

The convention overall was a huge success. I’ve needless to say already rebooked my table for next year and can’t wait to be back again.

I suppose I should now get back to packing for my trip to Poland so till next time, keep is awesome!