Post Con Thoughts – Can Con 2017


This year has had me exploring the convention scene more than any other before as I continue to evolve and grow as an author. It was only natural then that after being told and prodded by others that I attended Can Con. For this, I thank them now because I don’t think I would have seen what I did this weekend anywhere else or rather I felt it. A sense of having made it home to be part of the Science Fiction and Fantasy scene of Canada.

As a young person, I always looked in my school library for Canadian fantasy authors, only to be disappointed that I could find nothing on the shelf or rather I had no one to point me in the direction of one. It was this that in part prompted me to write Q-16 and the Eye to All Worlds because I wanted to create a fantasy novel set in Canada, little knowing how many others there were out there like me (I grew up with dial-up internet to put things in perspective and again no guidance). At Fan Expo 2012, I was drawn to the cover art of Violette Malan’s books and I suppose this could be where my journey to discovering Canadian fantasy authors began. Did I mention her new book Halls of Law under the pen name of V.M. Escalada was amazing and quite possibly my favourite book of the year so far? Well it is, so go check it out!

I digress from my original thought in the previous paragraph so to reel it back in, it was quite amazing to see so many Canadian authors in one place and to also in my own small part be counted in that circle. I look forward to coming back next year and joining the fun again.

I also learned that I need to be able to relax more at conventions when I don’t have a table, but I suppose two years of conditioning to do otherwise has left its mark. I will have a chance to practice this concept again in about a month’s time at SFContario in Toronto so until then, keep it awesome!