Post Con Thoughts – Fan Expo 2017


Another Fan Expo come and gone in a rush, just like the summer that preceded it. I had a great time sharing my booth with fellow author Brandon Draga and artist Deanna Laver and needless to say that I will miss them next year.

I spent the weekend mostly at the booth, absorbing the energy of the crowd and those who took a moment to stop by, grab an excerpt and chat. I’m feeling pumped and ready to dive back into book three of the series.

In the midst of book pitching and Fan Expo madness, I did get a chance to sneak over to the North Building where Chris Sabat was doing signing and photos, which was my only real excursion throughout the event, mostly because the last time he had been at Fan Expo I had promised him a photo from the first time I met him when I was dressed as a Slytherin with a phoenix on my shoulder. If you ever see me in person, ask why it’s significant. I also gave him a copy of the first two books as a thank you for bringing to life so many characters that inspired me when I was younger to begin writing Q-16 in the first place.

This year perhaps is the first that I’ve felt what among convention goers is called post-con-depression, the funk one feels after a weekend of being surrounded by the marvel of geeky paraphernalia and like-minded individuals and knowing that you have to go back to your regular life. Sounds a bit like portal travel, doesn’t it? I suppose my own mood can be attributed to the many changes that will be going on in my own personal life over the next weeks to come. No, no one died and I most certainly won’t be giving up writing anytime soon. Nonetheless, I’m in a strange spot in life right now where anything goes and the chaotic wind blowing in my windows is somehow a metaphor for that.

Next off in a few weeks is Word on the Street and then the Midland Public Library the weekend after for MPL Fan Con. Until our next meeting, keep it awesome!