The Last Summoner by Nina Munteanu – Book Review


The Last Summoner

I picked up a copy of The Last Summoner after having heard about it from the author at Limestone Genre Expo. The book trails Vivianne Schoen the young Baroness von Grunwald who discovers she has the unique ability to alter history and that she is part of a group of beings called Summoners. The plot follows this journey of discovery leading her to a very dark future in which the Germanic forces won the battle of Grunwald in 1410.

Much like François in the novel, I have always done my best not to become attached to a plot or characters, aware of the inevitable curtain call at the end. Despite this, I could not help but truly immerse myself in this story of time travel, alternate histories, romance, and adventure. It tackled some of the harder to ask questions like is immortality really worth it and presented it in a raw and true fashion. As sad as I was to reach the final pages, the ending was satisfying and as such didn’t leave me with a sense of incompletion.

I highly recommend this novel to fans of science fiction, portal fantasy, alternate histories and the like. I think there’s something of value in these pages which needs to be read and you will not be left disappointed.